Help protect your skin
before you jump in!

DermaSwim is the World's
First Pre-Swimming Lotion!


“I suffered a near-fatal heart attack 6 months ago. As part of my rehab I wanted to swim again, but couldn’t because I got terrible chlorine rashes. I tried your product and it worked exactly as advertised. I can swim again, and last weekend I was able to swim a mile!”
A thousand thanks,

“Several years ago, my son developed a horrible rash reaction every time he was in chlorine water. The dermatologist told us there was no such thing as a chlorine allergy. Thank goodness for the internet. I was able to find this product. We've been using this product for several years. We have found that for a short swim, we can apply it all over his body and he has no reactions. When we go to a waterslide park (we love the water, and so does he), we have to re-apply every few hours. We go into the restroom. He rinses off, dries off, and we reapply head to toe. It's a lot of work, but worth it that he doesn't have a painful rash.”

“Since I began using Dermaswim Pro my skin condition has dramatically improved. The results far outweigh the inconvenience of having to apply the cream before training. I rinse my skin with a light cleanser after training and find that true to your claims, I don’t stink of chlorine when I leave the pool.”

“I’ve been using DermaSwim for more than 4 years and IT REALLY HELPS. No more skin rashes and/or irritations. No more bleach smell from your skin the rest of the day. No more chlorine absorption through your skin and all the health dangers associated with it. Great product. IT DOES THE JOB. Two thumbs up.

“I just wanted to say that I think you have a great product. I am a professional lifeguard and swim instructor, and spend several hours in the pool every day. I have definitely noticed a reduction in discomfort from the chlorine since I started using DermaSwim, and have suggested it to my co-workers who suffer from skin problems caused by the pool.”

“I never get in the pool without my DermaSwim!”

I had quit swimming due to the constant itching and red bumps from the chlorine in the local pool. I missed swimming, but I just couldn't hack it anymore. I tried everything before and after a swim, Vaseline and other lotions. Nothing worked. Your lotion has me back in the pool. Thank you for that.

“I got DermaSwim Pro and loved it! Montana is very dry and it helped a lot with the itching and smell.”

I like the fact that I do not have to put on lotion after I swim.

Wow! I love your product!

The women on my Masters swim team were fighting over it because it worked so well. I ordered 6 for the team to share.

I just can't overemphasize that this product works. It is amazing how you just don't smell the chlorine smell after a swim, and the itching is gone. The dry skin has even stopped. I love it!

DermaSwim Pro is excellent! I would like to get a lifetime supply! When I ran out one time, I was actually scraping the last little bit from an old tube out of desperation.