Help protect your skin
before you jump in!

DermaSwim is the World's
First Pre-Swimming Lotion!

How do I use DermaSwim?

We'll give you the basic instructions here, and then each of you will discover while using DermaSwim Pro what method works best for you.

Putting on DermaSwim Pro:

DermaSwim Pro should be applied to skin before swimming. Pay special attention to areas that are especially sensitive to chlorine, like dry patches and pool rash. This lotion can be applied all over the body, except for the bottoms of feet, and keep out of the eyes, of course. Many swimmers who use DermaSwim apply it all over their bodies, and the only post-swim itchy spots are the ones they missed!

DermaSwim Pro may be applied to the face - in fact, we believe that it's especially important to protect your face from the effects of chlorine. However, do not get the lotion inside the area that your goggles will cover, as the lotion could accidentally be rubbed into your eyes.

We don't recommend putting DermaSwim Pro in your hair, simply because it's not a hair care product.

DermaSwim Pro is for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Also, do not carry children while you or they are using DermaSwim Pro, as the lotion may make skin very slippery.

How much DermaSwim Pro should I put on?

This will depend on your personal experience. We have packaged DermaSwim Pro in 1/3 ounce single use tubes, because that seems to be the most common amount that people need. If you have the 1/3 ounce tubes, we recommend using it all, being very thorough when applying the lotion.

If you have a larger tube, like the 8 ounce size, dispense as much as you feel is necessary. You'll find the right amount for you in no time.

What about the "Please Shower Before Entering Pool" Rule?

Most pools today want swimmers to shower off before entering the pool. There are two simple options to satisfy this rule. One is to apply DermaSwim Pro, then get in the shower and rinse off lightly, without using soap. The lotion won't come off, and you'll be protected, showered, and ready to swim. This seems to be the most common method.

The second method is to take a shower first, dry off, and then apply your pre-swimming lotion and head for the pool. This will work just as well.

After your swim:

DermaSwim Pro does NOT have to be washed off after swimming. We have formulated this lotion to soak in naturally to your skin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized, instead of the old itchy, scratchy feeling without DermaSwim Pro!

In fact, DermaSwim Pro has changed the routine of swimming for many of our swimmers. Instead of swimming and then using the shower to try desperately to remove the chlorine, swimmers using this pre-swimming lotion use the shower just to rinse off the chlorinated surface water, without even using soap! (We still recommend shampooing.)