Get Slippery.

Stop the itching.
Stop the dry skin.
Stop smelling like the pool.


Help protect your skin before you jump in!



DermaSwim Pre Swimming Lotion: Dive into Ultimate Skin Protection

- Say goodbye to pool rash, chlorine itch, and dry skin with DermaSwim. Developed by passionate competitive swimmers who understand the toll chlorine takes on the skin, this lotion is your shield against the drying effects of chlorinated water.

Why DermaSwim?

- Designed by Swimmers for Swimmers: Crafted by competitive swimmers who love the water but dislike the impact of chlorine on the skin.

- Combat Pool Rash and Itch: DermaSwim forms a protective barrier, reducing chlorine-related issues during and after your swim.

- Chlorine's Effects on Skin: Ever noticed the lap lane dividers deteriorating from chlorine? If it can do that to plastic, what is it doing to your skin? DermaSwim provides a defense.

- Smooth and Enjoyable Swims: With DermaSwim, experience a smooth and slippery feel, enhancing the enjoyment of your swim.

The Application Process:

- Pre-Swim Application: Apply DermaSwim to your skin before entering the pool, creating a protective barrier.

- Post-Swim Benefits: Enjoy a chlorine-free scent and prevent your skin from smelling like chlorine after your swim.

Chlorine Protection Philosophy:

- Proactive Care: Using DermaSwim as a chlorine protector is preferable to treating dried-out skin with lotion after swimming.

- Belief in Exercise and Skin Health: The makers of DermaSwim emphasize the importance of caring for your skin while acknowledging swimming as one of the best forms of exercise.

Positive Side Effect:

- Enhanced Enjoyment: Using DermaSwim doesn't just protect your skin; it enhances your overall swimming experience, making you want to dive back into the pool more often!

- Make every swim fantastic with DermaSwim - your skin's best companion in the water!